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Discover Why the Crypto Market is Crashing and Why You Should Stay Relaxed

If you are following what’s going on in the crypto market, you should already know that the future of crypto market is that it will go to its end very soon, according to “Professionals”.

However, the TRUTH is that big players are trying to manipulate our feelings by manipulating the crypto market. From technical point of view, each and every indicator shows strong sales, suggesting you to sell as soon as you can and get out of the market.

Just to give you a piece of hope, remember that bitcoin has been accepted as a currency in several countries, and one in particular - Japan, member of G7, as well as George Soros, Rockefeller and IMF director Christine Lagarde, “supporting” cryptocurrencies.

Even though, the crypto market value and interest have been decreasing a lot, lots of big names and companies have joined the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, not because the market price has dropped quite big, but because of the BRIGHT FUTURE that is waiting.

In our eBook, you will find the top main reasons why crypto market has been manipulated and why market makes want you to think that crypto market is coming to its end.

The Crypto Market is Crashing!


  • Bad Press: Negative statements and financial institutions’ doubts on cryptocurrencies’ validity effect on public perception of cryptocurrencies. For instance, in 2017 the CEO of JP Morgan threatened to fire anyone who invests in bitcoin in his investment bank. As a result, the value of digital currency suffered a 6% loss.

  • Inadequate security: To gain stability of bitcoin, customers and merchants need a safe place to be able to store their funds. Unfortunately, problems with security negatively effect on trust and use of bitcoin. Last year 2 exchanges were robbed from their funds. Crypto exchanges have been stolen by cyber thieves as well..

  • Strict government regulation: Bitcoin is decentralized currency and it does not have a centralized regulation, which allows users to avoid regular payment processes. This also means that bitcoin cannot cause inflation.The reason governments refuse to adopt bitcoin is that banks and financial institutions are worried about bitcoin’s ability to promote laundering or commit crimes. Bitcoin’s widespread use in different illegal activities will also negatively affect on its adoption. Moreover, Facebook requires crypto and bitcoin advertisers to pass through a stringent approval process. , banning ICOs ads as well.
  • The ruling delay of bitcoin ETF by SEC: Specialists are sure that the approval of this fund can make the BTC value skyrocket. Previously, the application was rejected because of the bitcoin volatility. This delay has affected other cryptocurrency prices as well.

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